Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Helena's room: Country "junky" chic

Up until now, my girls' bedrooms have been a hodge-podge of toys and blankets without any sort of decor. But after finding an inspiration piece at DI, Helena's room is taking shape. I'm calling the decor style of her bedroom country "junky" chic for lack of a better term. The walls are painted a light green--not quite apple green, but very close. Her crib is white and her dresser is black, but will someday be white (when I am up to more spray paint projects). One of my favorite pieces of furniture is in her bedroom--an overstuffed loveseat. It's red with a large floral print and very country.
*Tip for expectant moms: most moms get a glider or rocking chair for the nursery. I say go for a loveseat. You will appreciate it on those nights where you find yourself sleeping more in the baby's room than in your own bed!
Here is my inspiration piece from DI. This bumper cost $5 and is in excellent condition! Isn't it gorgeous?
I have always loved this crib *sigh*. Someday I mean to redo her name letters to match the room.

Here is my favorite loveseat. It is sooooo comfortable! I just lounge on it and read while the girls play/fight.

I hung this shelf myself! I did pretty well, huh? I had to hang it high so the girls couldn't get to it, but then there was a lot of dead space between the shelf and the loveseat, so I hung up Helena's coming home outfit.
All of the things on the shelf are from DI. That white rose thing on the end is a candlestick (BRAND NEW from Williams-Sonoma for $3 at DI). I'm going to put a nameplate on the recipe box and fill it with Lena's hospital bracelet and other memoribilia. The red thing is a candlestick as well.
And finally, ahhhh... my green birdcage. I was at a thrift store over the weekend and they had a large birdcage with all of their jewelry hanging on it--I asked if it was for sale, and it wasn't, but they dug through the back closet until they dug this one up and after some haggling, they gave it to me for $5.


Mrs. Davis said...

I think it's super cute!!!!!

Did you guys decide to combine the girls' rooms or not?

Kate said...

We are going to wait until baby #3 is on the way. If it's another girl, she will have the green room and the older girls will be in Tempe's purple room. If it's a boy, we will paint the purple room and put him in there and put the girls in the green room.

DasMaedchen said...

I am so jealous that you have a sense of style/decorating and actually know how to do these DIY things.....I read your blog to get ideas for my own projects now that I actually have a house to decorate!