Thursday, September 10, 2009


At 9:42 tonight, Tempe will be exactly three years old. Where has the time gone? I can't believe my little girl is now a big girl. Just look at her in this picture! She was about three minutes old when this was taken. Do you see how tiny she was? You can see her little ribs. Tempe was 5 lb 7 o z when she was born just one week early (thanks, wimpy placenta)
Just for fun (and because I love reading other people's birth stories; therefore, they must love reading mine), here is a condensed version of Tempe's birth story. I was scheduled to be induced on September 11th (due to the fact that I was no longer getting any bigger and the baby was small) but I went into labor on my own on the morning of September 10th. It took me most of the day to realize I was really in labor. We went to church, to the park, for a walk, and finally in the late afternoon I was in too much pain to do anything but moan on the couch. We went to the hospital at about 7 pm, where we were both surprised to find out that I was 7 cm dilated. I got an epidural, the doctor broke my water, Tempe started going into distress (so I got to do fun things like oxygen and amnio-infusions), and after about 15 minutes of forceps-assisted pushing, she was born at 9:42.
And just like that, everything changed.

This is probably my new favorite picture ever.

She thought this present might be a book, but it was clothes from Grandma Lisa.

Do you see the joy on her face? She loves Lightning McQueen so much and now she finally has her own copy of the movie. I think all her dreams just came true.
Happy birthday, our sweet Tempe Joann! We love you!

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Kelly B said...

She is so beautiful!! Birthdays are so magical when they are little like that. It still makes me laugh how I will pick out a great present and they will spend the afternoon playing with the box it came in!! The picture of her with the candles is adorable!! ;0)