Tuesday, March 23, 2010

nifty fifty

Happy birthday to my great mother-in-law, Jan!
*photo courtesy Margaret's facebook*
Not many people can say they love their mother-in-law, but I am one of the lucky few. Jan has always been so welcoming, loving and supportive to me, from helping me plan our wedding, moving us to Wyoming, traveling for 24 hours to help me with the birth of my children, and even welcoming us into her home for nine whole months while we house-hunted.
I am so lucky.
When Tempe was born, Jan hadn't been planning on coming to help because my mom was coming a week later. Well, after our first night home from the hospital, Jason called her telling her we needed her and she dropped everything to fly to Laramie and help us.
When Helena was born, Austin was in the hospital with celulitis and Jan and Canyon and the little girls were leaving to go to Jamaica just a week later. But again, she dropped everything to come to Laramie to be with us and help with the new baby. She traveled for 24 hours (due to a snowstorm, what else?) before finally arriving, and had to leave 24 hours later. She didn't even bat an eye.
My girls adore her--and the very special crocheted blankets she made for each of them when they were born.
She treats all the girls in the family to GNOs every few months. We love going to the Twilight movies together and we're all excited to see Eclipse in June!
I am so grateful for her example and love, and especially for raising such an amazing son and letting me marry him.
Happy birthday, Jan!!


toby and amy said...

aww, how sweet! I am also one of the lucky few! I love my MIL as well!!

Margaret said...

Yes, you are so lucky to have such a wonderful mother-in-law! I think she's pretty amazing, too. Oh, and she looks fabulous in the banana trenchcoat! :)

gjan said...

Thanks Kate, that was very sweet. I am very blessed to have blessed you as a sweet wife to my son and mother of my granddaughters. Thanks for the poster and treats -loved the treat - the poster not so much:)