Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baby Prep: Freezer Meals

If you've never been pregnant before, you might think that the nesting instinct is imagined or exaggerated.
It's not.
For me, it's always one of the strongest urges. I'm already a very organized person, and it just kicks into overdrive when I'm pregnant.
I've been excited to fill my freezer with easy meals ever since I got it, and when September began, I got started. By the time baby arrives, I should have close to three weeks worth of meals frozen for my family.
It's easier than it sounds. I'm not spending marathon sessions cooking every week--I'm simply doubling and tripling the things I make for dinner and freezing the extras. I do make a batch of rolls once a week or so, just to freeze, but since I have a bread machine (from DI!) it's not much work.
So what is on my freezer meals list?
Sweet and tangy shredded chicken and sweet rice
Baked chicken-bacon alfredo and rolls
Pepperoni calzones
BBQ pork sandwiches and garlic mashed potatoes
Creamy chicken taquitos and lime cilantro rice
Creamy spinach artichoke chicken bundles and rice
Asian BBQ grilled chicken and lime cilantro rice
Egg rolls
Taco soup
Oatmeal-banana waffles
Cheesy ham, broccoli, and rice and rolls
Do you have any good freezer meals?


Jen said...

I have zero good freezer meals...and that is why I need the recipes to each of those meals you listed! :-) Please.

Steph said...

Wow, all of those meals sound great! I agree that I need the recipes too!

I love to make a big batch of pancakes or french toast on the weekends and freeze them. So nice to have them on a busy weekday morning!

Amy said...

please do share your recipes!!

Carly said...

Was gonna say the same thing....we need your recipes! Sounds yummy! :)

travis and cammie said...

seriously some of those meals sound DELICIOUS!