Thursday, October 7, 2010

Play School: My Five Senses

To kick off our unit on My Body, we had a lesson this week on My Five Senses.
Concepts: What are my five senses? How do I use them?
Books: My Five Senses by Aliki; The Listening Walk by Paul Showers; You Can't Taste a Pickle With Your Ear by Harriet Ziefert; Clang, Boom, Bang by Jane Belk-Moncure; My Five Senses by Margaret Miller; and various touch-and-feel books
Activities: We did a little activity for each one of our five senses:
Sight: Blindfold Marco Polo
Hearing: Telephone/Whisper Down the Lane
Taste: Our afternoon snack was Fake Fondue (apple chunks dipped in chocolate ice cream sauce, caramel ice cream sauce, and chopped peanuts) and we talked about how we could taste sweet and salty in every bite.
Smell: I let the girls smell all of my cooking spices. They both liked apple pie spice the best
Touch: We played with the apple pie play dough that we made earlier this week; this let us use our sense of smell and touch at the same time!
After our sense activities, we went for a senses walk and talked about the things we could see, hear, feel, smell, and taste (?)
Sensory bin: Apple pie play dough and various autumn cookie cutters
Letter of the Day: E is for Envelopes

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