Saturday, November 13, 2010

Drop your pants here

This week I've been doing a mini makeover in my laundry "room".
Our washer and dryer are in the second bathroom in our house. This poor bathroom has three functions to fulfill:
1) Tempe and Helena's bathroom
2) Guest bathroom (because the builder of our house, for whatever reason, didn't think a half bathroom on the main level was necessary)
3) Laundry room
It's kind of a challenging room to work in. I want it to be fun and cheerful for the kids, tidy and inviting for guests, and functional for my laundry. I'm happier with the laundry area, but the other functions are still a work in progress.
My dad put some nice white folding doors on the laundry closet so guests don't have to look at my dirty laundry when they go up to use the bathroom. There are 3 long shelves above the washer and dryer, and they were becoming a catchall of extra towels, cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, medicine, gift wrap, extra crib bumpers (I own four for some reason) and other junk. The first thing I did was declutter! One shelf is going to be dedicated to storing outgrown/out of season children's clothes, another dedicated to gift wrap and extra towels, and the third dedicated to medicine, cleaning, and laundry. I bought big canvas totes for all the "supplies" and soon I'm going to install a retractable clothesline so I can still hang things in the winter.
It will be good.
But do you want to hear about my dream laundry room??
First of all, it has cabinets for storing all of my cleaning and laundry supplies and my gift wrap supplies. It has a counter top for folding clothes and wrapping presents. It has a clothes bar so I can hang Jason's nice shirts up as soon as I take them out of the dryer. There's a utility sink for rinsing and soaking stained clothes (Helena's). It's large enough that I can keep a full size ironing board set up all the time AND I have my sewing desk in the same room.
It's basically a full size extra room with washer/dryer hookups.

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Denise Faulkner said...

I have been searching for that dream laundry room too!!! I have the exact wish list and often wonder why houses are not made with better laundry rooms.
On the bright side, if I didn't have to use my kitchen table for folding - it may never get done:)