Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas recovery

Helena, Juno, and Tempe on Christmas morning with the Black Apple dolls I made for them this year and their traditional Christmas Eve pajamas.

Tempe spent about an hour on Christmas Eve making this "astronaut" out of junk she found in my sewing desk. She was very proud of it and wanted to take it to Great-Grandma's!
Christmas was fun, but crazy. I'm glad it only comes once a year.
Sugar + a million new toys + visiting lots of family = lots of tantrums from all three kiddos.
Jason's favorite gift is Inception, which we hadn't seen yet (loved it)
My favorite gift is a gorgeous necklace from The Vintage Pearl that I have been wanting for months.
Tempe's favorite gift is her giant stuffed My Little Pony.
Helena's favorite gift is her Woody doll.
Juno's favorite gift is her own copy of Goodnight, Moon, because her sisters destroyed our old copy.

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