Saturday, December 4, 2010

a worthy cause

On Thursday, Jason took a long lunch and we all went to the Festival of Trees.
I love the Festival of Trees--it's my favorite Christmas event.
I love looking at all the beautifully decorated trees (especially the themed ones), eating scones, and browsing in the boutique.
Most of all, I love the cause that it supports.
The Festival of Trees is a benefit event for Primary Children's Medical Center here in SLC. Every day I thank God that I have healthy children and that I don't have to deal with the stress, financial burden, and most of all heartache of having an ill child. Because I am so blessed, I want to help those that do have this burden. Right now, we can't do much. But we can support the children's hospital, and every penny earned at the Festival of Trees benefits Primary Children's.
My husband's family has attended the Festival of Trees for years now. They even have a soccer-themed tree that they bought at the auction and set up every year in the basement/game room at their house. This is the third year that my mother-in-law has volunteered making items for the Small Fry gifts and working at the Festival. I'm so grateful for her example in taking time out of her extremely busy schedule to serve others!

Tempe and Helena were excited to sit on Santa's lap--Juno was content to stand next to him!

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