Saturday, January 15, 2011

rise and shout

Last Saturday we took the girls down to Provo for the BYU basketball game. Jason was excited to see Jimmer play and kept telling the girls that someday they could tell their children they saw Jimmer Fredette play. Yeah, I am sure they will remember that.
Our seats were 2 rows from the top, but hey, they were chair not bench and they only cost $5! Booya! Before the game we went to the Museum of Art so I could nurse Juno. I was hoping to see the Carl Bloch exhibit, but there was a pretty long line.

Tempe and Helena were excited to see their cousins at halftime! 5 of the 6 cousins have BYU cheerleader outfits--they don't make them small enough for Juno yet, or she would have one too!


Margaret said...

Okay, this is toooooo cute! Go mini Cougars!

Rachel said...

Your girls are SO ADORABLE, Kate! We will have you & Juno in our prayers for sure. :( I'm sorry the Pavlik didn't work. I really hope and pray the new harness does it's trick & you can avoid the surgery all together! <3