Sunday, January 23, 2011

xoxo hugs and kisses xoxo

{First of all, thank you for all the encouraging, thoughtful comments on my last few posts. So many of you have reached out to me and I truly appreciate it. Crazy as it sounds, I am actually very grateful for this experience because of the growth I am seeing in myself. It's amazing what blessings can come from "trials"!}

I know my blog has been pretty heavy lately, so I thought I would post some of my fun Valentine's Day decorations. I don't really go too crazy for any holiday except Christmas, but Valentine's Day is such a fun spot of cheer during dreary winter months, so I'm trying to collect more decorations. I "shopped the house" for all of these and was amazed at what I could turn into Valentine's Day decorations!

{Photo booth pictures of me and Jason from our years before children with a nice red satin bow}

{One of my cake stands and domes--I try hard to keep it stocked with goodies}

{We have about 25 of these kitschy vintage statues and several of them are "love" themed, so I brought them off the bookshelf in my room where they were gathering dust and nestled them around the house. This little guy is my favorite, though}
I also gathered every red thing that I own to display--a vase, a wreath, an empty picture frame with a heart shaped wreath hanging in it, a candelabra. Since red is my accent color of choice, it was fairly easy to find a lot of decorations!
I got both of the big girls little tin mailboxes from the dollar section at Target (they have THE BEST Valentine's Day stuff right now) and starting on February 1st, I'm going to leave them a treat, a love note, or a little surprise every single morning. I'm sure they will love it, and hopefully they will want to leave each other surprises as well!
What are you doing to celebrate Valentine's Day?


Jen said...

Kate - cute decorations.

I have been meaning to comment on here and am finally getting around to it. Please excuse my tardiness.

I have been thinking about you. You are handling everything so well with little Juno. Moms just want what is best for their kids, so if something is wrong, no matter it's severity, you as a mom have a right to worry and be sad about it. So, yes, your feelings are totally justified and you should not feel guilty about it. It's just our human and caring nature to worry and be concerned when something is wrong.

You are a champ.

Love ya!!

Margaret said...

Love all your decorations, especially the statue. :)

StacE said...

I love your new family photo!

Rachel said...

Cute decorations! Love your cake stand & photobooth pictures! Adorable :) & I LOVE your new header, that is the most adorable picture of your beautiful family!