Monday, February 28, 2011

I never sleep on planes... I don't want to be incepted.

I got incepted a few nights ago.
I had a dream in a dream. The dream in the dream was about the hotel we stayed in last time we went to Disneyland. Then I woke up from the dream and before Jason left for work, he said "Hey, go ahead and book a hotel for Disneyland this year."
Then I woke up for real and was like, dude, I would go to Disneyland every day of my life if I could, so it was a complete waste of energy and resources to incept me for that.
And I'm not the only one. Helena says to me every single day "Mom, can we go to Disneyland next day?"

I wish, Helena. I wish.


RATCH said...

Oh man I totally want to go to Disney. I could live out the rest of my days there and not be sad. :)

Mom said...

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