Saturday, April 16, 2011

Announcement! Announcement! Announcement.

Big announcement.

I really like that this blog is such a mishmash of different things. I blog about a lot of different things here. But I recently decided to start a blog specifically for all my party plans and ideas. I've been working on it all week and I think I'm ready to share it with you!

Don't laugh at me, but I cherish a secret ambition to be a "for real" party planner. Maybe someday I can do that. But for now, I'm having a lot of fun planning things for my family and sharing them with you!

So if you follow me here, please follow me there. If you don't follow me here but you lurk, feel free to lurk there (or follow me both places!)


Also, I'm super proud that I made my own buttons for this blog and my other blog. Grab one, if you like! And thanks for reading and commenting--I love it!


The Hiller Family said...

clicking the button only takes me to and not
You might want to change it?? unless of course you're planning on the .com!!
Very cool!

Kate said...

Augh! thanks Heidi. I fixed it.

Stephens Family said...

Yay Kate! You've certainly got a knack for party planning - I'm always amazed at all the details that make a big impact! Congrats!

staceykt22 said...

Can't wait to checkout the new site. Also, I'm glad Juno's surgery went well, hope she does well.