Tuesday, April 26, 2011

open reduction

Today was a new experience for our family. It was the first time (and hopefully last, although that is a lot to ask for) one of our children has had surgery!

We checked in at Primary Children's Medical Center at 6 am and Juno was in surgery around 8. It took just under 2 hours. The doctor injected dye into the joint and was able to see that there was fatty tissue obstructing the socket and a short, thick tendon pulling the femoral head out of the socket. He fixed those two problems and then put a neon pink Spica cast on her. It goes from just above her belly button to her ankles with a thick bar holding her legs about as far apart as they can go.

Juno took a few hours to wake up (seriously, like 2) and is still really groggy and out of it. She's been asleep pretty much all day, except for eating. She only seems to be in pain when we move her, and I think that could be my fault because I am not very good at positioning her without pulling on her IV and all the wires stuck to her skin. But she hasn't been crying inconsolably like I thought she would after surgery! In fact, she even smiled, blew bubbles, and tried grabbing all the wires stuck to her chest.

The cast is big and bulky and awkward, but I think I will figure it out. It should be much easier when she's not connected to stuff. I haven't gotten a picture of it yet because she has been cold and so she's covered up with a bunch of blankets. I'll get one of her tomorrow and her very fancy carseat we get to borrow from the hospital!

Here is Juno's last bath for 6 weeks! I am going to miss those chunky thighs!
Our cute girl in her hospital pajamas.

Cuddling with Dad before the doctors took her back to surgery.

And here she is in the recovery room. She was pretty out of it.

Thanks to everyone who has been thinking of us and praying for us and offering to help! We appreciate it so much. Our friends, family, and neighbors are so wonderful! We feel truly blessed!


Stephens Family said...

We've been thinking of sweet Juno and your little family all day, and we're so glad to hear the surgery went well. Give little Juno a hug from us!

Kathryn said...

Oh Kate, it must have been heart wrenching to watch her try and wake up. The lead up and event are all over now, lets hope for a fantastic result and a smooth cast experience.

Julie Nickerson said...

I have been thinking and praying for you guys all day!!!!

I'm so glad the surgery went well and she seems to be doing good.

She is SO CUTE!!!

You sound like you are doing good with everything going on. I'm sure you will figure out the whole cast thing pretty quickly. Let me know how nursing goes with the cast.

I'll be praying for a fast recovery and GREAT HIPS!!

Abby@AppMtn said...

Thinking of you all & praying for a speedy recovery for sweet little Juno!

Carly said...

You guys are in our thoughts and prayers as well! She's still as adorable as ever. :) Hope all is going well!

Rachel said...

Our prayers are with you and your sweet little Juno. That last picture just wrenches my heart. You are so amazing. Good luck with everything and I'm glad it went well.

Lora said...

Awwww, that last picture breaks my heart! What a sweet girl. I hope the 6 weeks flies by!

Margaret said...

So glad the surgery is over and that sweet Juno is doing well. Hope you are hanging in there, too!