Friday, July 22, 2011

my kids want a Tracfone

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I was talking to a friend today about what a different world our kids are growing up in. When we were kids, we spent all day during the summer playing with friends in the mountains or the woods, building forts, swimming, looking for wild berries to pick. Now I can't imagine letting my kids be gone all day without any way of contacting them!

Of course, my kids are still really young, but in this day of cell phones and instant communication, it's really hard to imagine sending them anywhere without a phone. When my kids are old enough, I think a Tracfone might be the perfect solution. With Tracfone's affordable phones and no-contract, pay-as-you-go plans, it's the perfect phone for a busy family with multiple children. There are inexpensive monthly plans for every budget and Tracfone even offers double minutes for the life of your phone one some models!

real TracFone customers

Plus, Tracfone is super reliable, which is so important to me in case of emergency.

real TracFone customers

Can you imagine not being able to contact your family after an emergency?!

We all know that most cell phone plans offer free long distance. Tracfone is the only wireless service that offers international calling for the same price as any other call! So if Jason and I ever take that European vacation, we'll still be able to call the girls and tell them goodnight at bedtime :)

You probably think that all pay-as-you-go wireless services only offer dorky, outdated phones. Tracfone actually has brand name phones from leading manufacturers to fit every need--from simple to smart!  So you can get an affordable phone and still have all the features you want, like full keyboards, web access, camera/video, and mp3 player.


 Tempe and Helena might only be 4 and 3, but Helena's already asking for her own phone. She'll still have to wait a few years, but it's nice to know there are options!

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Stephens Family said...

I'm a grown-up, and I have a TracFone. I love it! It cost 20 bucks to buy the phone, and buying the minutes averages only about $7 per month. Not bad! So...I agree - when the kids are a little bit bigger, I think TracFone is the way to go. Thanks for the testimonial! :)

Linda said...

Once you're used to not using your cell phone a lot then you can only save a fortune using Tracfone's plans our family have discovered.
We're only paying $27.96 for my family of 4 for 40 minutes for 3 members and 50 minutes for me.
My mum and dad use the SVC seniors Tracfone plan which costs them $6.66/month with a $14.99 Samsung T1555G phone which is really an affordable emergency phone for seniors with special needs on a small pension.
For people on tight budgets I advise Tracfone's plans.