Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tempe's first day of school

For most of the kids in my school district, the first day of school was several weeks ago... for Tempe, it was yesterday!

Tempe's birthday is September 10th, so she missed the kindergarten deadline this year. Instead, she is going to my friend Kellie's preschool on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

We've both been looking forward to this for at least a year!!!

Oh, she's so grown up... It makes my heart hurt to think of her going off to school next year!
I've been back and forth on how I feel about Tempe's borderline birthday ever since she was born. September birthdays are tricky, they complicate a lot of things, school being just one of them! Some days I groan and think "I still have another year with all three of them at home?!" but most of the time I am so glad that I get my little girl home with me for an extra year! I know that once you start sending kids off to school, life is never the same.

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Jen said...

I was just thinking the other day how you went into labor with Tempe on a Sunday. I had to give a talk in church that Sunday and I saw you and Jason walk out and I just knew you were leaving to go have your baby. I can't believe she is now starting preschool. *tear.

She is adorable!