Thursday, October 20, 2011

{Gray and white striped wall}

What happens when you troll around Pinterest too often?

You end up with stripes--gray and white stripes!

Last Thursday night I decided I wanted to do something to our house--anything. So I got Jason to agree to stripes on the wall in our upstairs hallway.

On Friday I went to Home Depot to look at paint samples. While I was there, I checked the Oops paint and found the perfect gray. Now, gray is a hard color to pick. I know because I tried to pick a gray for our living room and failed miserably. Everything I picked was either too blue or too brown. But there I was, in the Oops paint section "just to look", and someone had picked the perfect gray for me! It was meant to be. So of course I bought it--$2 for a quart of perfect gray paint. Then I picked a white--I ended up with Creamy White by Behr, which turns out to be the perfect white.

Friday night I painted the whole hallway white. I never before understood how anyone could bear to have plain white walls until I saw this white. It is the most creamy, delicious vanilla white you have ever seen! It's gorgeous and just plain white walls were a great improvement over the builder beige that was in the hallway.

On Saturday while Jason and the big girls were cleaning the church and Juno was taking a nap, I taped my stripes and painted them gray.

On Saturday night I peeled off the tape and swooned.

On Monday I painted some old frames in our garage mustard yellow, also a $2 quart from the Oops section at Home Depot. On Monday afternoon I hung them on the wall. Jason thinks it looks better plain--I might agree with him, I haven't decided yet. What do you think? Plain striped wall or striped wall with empty frame collage?

Our front door opens into the living room and the stairs are right there on the landing, so this is the view from the front door. I love it. This room has been my least favorite room in the house until the last few months when we (I mean my dad) painted it. The color on the walls in the living room is Stone Fence by Behr. It's very blue when it's sunny, very gray when it's overcast.

Even with the recent paint improvements, I still have quite a few projects to do in this room before I am totally happy... and this picture doesn't even show the ugly '80s builder grade tile on the landing!
But I have a BIG project to work on next week that hopefully will take care of one of the things in this picture--stay tuned! And by big I mean BIG.


The Hiller Family said...

Looks great! Good job!
Definitely add lots of color.
I'd also recommend painting the ceiling white.
Trim around your mirror might look nice... like framing it! Lots of tutorials out there on how to do that.

Claire said...

Wow, love it! Love how cheap it was, too! I think I like it plain or frames with pictures in them. Great stripes, though!

Maggie said...

There are no words to describe how much I LOVE this! Seriously! LOVE IT! You are an amazing decorator. Want to come do my house next?

Jen said...

looks great! how did you get the lines so straight? also, did paint seep under the tape...that always happens to me and makes me so mad. your lines look so nice and crisp.

Kate said...

Jen--I measured very, very carefully, lol. I measured and marked every 10 inches or so all along the line before I taped it off. They're not perfectly straight, but pretty close. As for tape seeping, no, it didn't. I used a credit card to seal the tape really well to the wall and I think that did the trick, but I also read online that you can seal the tape and then cut in with the base color before you paint the stripe color. That way any paint that seeps under the tape will be the base color, if that makes sense.
Thanks for the comments! I agree about painting the ceiling Heidi, I didn't realize how obvious it was until I saw these pictures!

Rachel said...

LOVE the gray & white stripes! Our house got mustard & white stripes this summer & our wall seems to be happy with it's makeover! :)

kristen said...

I think black and white portraits would look great on the striped wall.

Heather Golden said...

Paint the banister black, leave the spindles white and it will instantly update it! We did that to ours and it looks awesome!