Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween sensory bin

We haven't had a sensory bin for a while, but I found a bunch of plastic bugs in day-glo colors in our Halloween decorations, so I decided to put this bin together.

In it is black and white beans, skeletons, spiders, snakes, and bugs in bright orange, green, purple, and black, glitter pom poms in the same colors, googly eyes, a pair of tongs, and three Halloween silicone molds. I got all three molds at the dollar store--there's an orange pumpkin one, a purple skull one, and a black bones one.

Tempe and Helena love using the tongs to sort the pom poms into the molds and then "feed" them black and white beans. Juno loves trying to stuff handfuls of beans in her mouth. She's not quite old enough to play with this, but we try!


Claire said...

You're so awesome :) Sometime's I'm like - did she really not get an education major because you are all over it. You'd be a great preschool teacher!

Kate said...

Thanks, Claire! I would LOVE to be a teacher! Someday, someday...