Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Juno is 11(?!?!) months old!!!!


11 months. That's old. Old enough that I can write it in numbers instead of writing out the whole word and still fall within APA guidelines. Crazy!

Juno weighs nearly 12 pounds now! That's still CRAZY LOW for a baby her age, but she did gain some weight last month, so that's a good sign. She's still a great eater and she's *sniff sniff* pretty much weaned. I nurse her very occasionally, but I think within the next week, even that will become a thing of the past. She's just not interested anymore.

She is "for real" crawling now, up on her hands and knees. She can go all the way across the room! She has started getting into things just in the last week. It is such a triumph to see her crawling around like any other baby her age!! Now I need to actually be careful. She also learned to wiggle herself out of her Bumbo seat, even with the tray on :( Boo. I usually make her sit there for like an hour every day while I make dinner, clean the kitchen, do the dishes, etc. Now she will just have to crawl around and get underfoot and eat crumbs off the floor.

She's still happy, happy, happy. Her sisters, especially Helena, make her laugh hysterically. Yesterday they got in her crib with her and were bouncing up and down. She was flat on her belly laughing so hard! It was pretty cute. She also actually likes taking baths now! She's never liked bathtime, but now that she is big and can sit up and play with toys and take baths with her sisters, she's decided it's ok after all.

She also has a cute Halloween costume to wear this year. Stay tuned for that!!

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