Sunday, October 9, 2011

{rise and shout}

So we went to the BYU football game last night.

It was awesome.

I haven't been to a football game in 3 years, and not to a game at night in 7 years!!! Augh! That's a long time! It was perfect football weather--clear skies and about 50 degrees. We bundled up, bought hot chocolate, and cuddled under a BYU sweatshirt blanket and watched the Cougs beat the Spartans! In fact, I think we sang the fight song more last night than we have all season (which isn't saying much, it hasn't been a great season).

Tempe and Helena also love BYU. A lot.
Juno did great--she actually fell asleep during the football game. We left at halftime because it was such a late game (it started at 8:15!!) which was just the perfect amount of football for our little family.

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Margaret said...

Love your little BYU cheerleaders!!! So cute!!