Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Juno's party: {the activities}

Since we were having such a huge age range at this party (a bunch of little kids, some teens and tweens, and adults), I just put together a few little activities people could do (or not do) as they mingled and ate.

One of the traditions I am trying to start is a service project at each child's birthday party. Juno's service project was a no-brainer: we made cards for patients at Primary Children's Medical Center, where she had surgery earlier in the year. My kitchen counter was dedicated to this activity, with blank cards, a box of crayons, and tons of stickers to inspire our guests. I have a neighbor who is a child life specialist at PCMC, so the day after our party I rounded up all the decorated cards and dropped them off at her house for her to distribute to her patients.

I also used the counter to display some Juno-memorabilia: her hip abduction brace and scrapbook...

... and one of my favorite pictures of her and her body cast.

The other activity I had at the party was a photobooth. Yes, very trendy, but also fun. I provided this basket full of props (funny glasses, masks, headbands, a heart wreath, an empty picture frame, a clown nose...), a backdrop, and a camera, and everyone took pictures. I think everyone participated! I can't wait until Juno is old enough to appreciate the funny pictures her relatives took at her party.

I made the backdrop by painting a chevron pattern in party colors on a cheap plastic tablecloth from Wal-Mart. Cheveron is not fun to paint and I wanted to give up, but my friend Danielle gave me some advice and she has a great tutorial on her blog--so I made it through.

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Lisa said...

I LOVE this party! So creative and fun and cute!