Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Juno's party: {Hip Hip Hooray!}

I think I have a serious problem.

I started planning Juno's birthday party in April. Yes, seven months before her first birthday, I had already picked a theme and started hashing out details.
In my defense, April is when Juno had surgery and went into her body cast, and thinking about her birthday party was an escape for me and a reminder that our situation would come to an end.
Maybe the best thing that has come from Juno's journey with HD was this awesome party: Hip Hip Hooray! Get it? Hip Hip Hooray? Because she has hip dysplasia!! After all we've been through this year, I wanted her first birthday party to be a celebration of her triumph over crummy hips.

I had a basic idea of the color scheme I wanted to use, and when I found this adorable dress, that cemented it: chocolate brown, sunshine yellow, cherry red, sky blue, and grass green. The dress came with some awesome striped tights in the same color scheme and then I added the hat just because it was cute.

I re-used the pennant banner design from our sidewalk chalk party earlier this year.

I wanted this party to be a cross between a carnival inspired party and the quintessential children's birthday party: paper lanterns and pompoms, sprinkles and birthday cake, clowns, balloons, and vintage toys. I actually had quite a few things on my to-do list that just didn't happen, like this balloon wreath, but I think I still managed to capture the essence of childhood.

I got that GIGANTIC green lantern for $8 from Urban Revivals in St. George. Why oh why is that store so far away?? The yellow and blue lanterns were bought for $1 each at Joann's and I made the red and brown pompoms and hung everything with fishing line over Juno's high chair and the food table.

Don't you just love that awesome high chair?? I searched in vain for a wooden high chair at thrift stores, so I borrowed this one from my friend Leah. And it was already the perfect color!
I still have several posts about Juno's party, so I hope you haven't already lost interest!
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Lisa said...

What a great celebration for a very brave little girl.