Thursday, November 10, 2011

Modest dresses: a friend to moms everywhere

I just got "into" dresses a few years ago. Until then, I always wore a skirt with a blouse to church. Every week. And I never wore skirts or dresses during the week! I could never find anything comfortable enough and also modest enough for a busy mom with young kids.
Enter Downeast Basics.

By far, my favorite clothing store. I can always find so many cute things there for every season--including modest dresses! That makes me so happy because I love wearing dresses, even if I am just hanging around the house. It makes me feel like June Cleaver.

The best thing about Downeast Basics dresses is that they are almost all truly one-piece outfits. Isn't that what dresses are supposed to be?? When I try to buy dresses other places, I almost always have to add a cami under it or a sweater over it--or sometimes both! Not only is that incredibly uncomfortable in the summer, but it also makes trying to nurse... interesting (although I have been able to manage it in almost every dress I own). I love that my Downeast Basics dresses are so easy for me to wear without having to worry about making the neckline high enough or the sleeves long enough. I can just pull it on in the morning and that's it! No bulging undershirts or hot sweaters, no worrying about whether it will ride up too high while I am chasing a child at the park or cleaning the kitchen.

Plus--they are cute!

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