Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you! Now that it's been almost a week, I feel like the holiday is finally ending and we're getting our lives back to normal. Our decorations are coming down tomorrow and the piles of presents have finally made their way upstairs.

We spent Christmas Eve with Jason's dad's family. We got home around 9 and let the girls open their traditional Christmas Eve pajamas, then we all got Santa's treat ready, spread the reindeer food on the front steps, and watched a video of the Nativity. The girls went right to sleep and didn't wake up until 8! We had church at 11, so we just looked at our Santa presents/ stockings before breakfast and then had overnight french toast, bacon, and orange julius. Our church service was lovely and it was nice to spend the majority of the morning focused on our Savior, not our new junk.

After church, we changed into comfy clothes and then dove into presents.

We were totally spoiled this year. I am blessed with a husband who loves giving, plus two sets of parents (mine and his) that are the same way. Santa brought all three of our girls Pillow Pets (a moose for Tempe, a unicorn for Helena, and a pig for Juno) and was very excited because he found a great deal on knock-offs for $6 that look exactly like the real thing! They also got new clothes, movies, books, library bags, candy, puzzles, and a Littlest Pet Shop for Tempe and a Spiderman bobble head for Helena. Grandma Jan gave them a kids' digital camera (V-Tech) to share which is probably the most played with gift of all. Tempe is my little shutterbug now and I have to clear the memory card (which holds 500 pictures!) multiple times a day!

Jason got me a Kitchenaid (apple green), which I am totally excited about. I made my favorite roll recipe yesterday and it was sooooo much better made in the Kitchenaid. I'm not as good at gift-giving as he is, but he did get slippers, both seasons of Flight of the Concords, some white shirts for work/church (boring), and a couple of movies.

Our present from my family is a pretty big one and we get to enjoy the anticipation for a few more months: we're going to Disneyland in May!!!

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