Monday, January 30, 2012

Mom guilt

Who has it?


It's just one of the many wonderful things I inherited from my mom!

And in this day and age of blogs and Pinterest, it's really easy to feel like everyone is the best at everything--except you.

Well, this is just to say, I am very far from the best, so there's that!

There is so much I feel like I fall short on as a mother: hair and general upkeep of my children, projects, arts and crafts, meaningful FHE lessons, nutritious and creative meals, and most of all, having fun and making quality time for my children. I want my kids to remember me as a fun mom--for their childhoods to be filled with laughter, silly games, and playtime.

Unfortunately, I am kinda sorta uptight. I used to be really good about saying yes to anything, as long as it didn't hurt or destroy anything. I don't know when that changed, but lately I feel like I spend all my time nagging the girls to clean up or following them around picking up clutter and never just enjoying my children. I have to constantly remind myself that toys can be picked up, clutter can be put away, and children grow so fast.

Today I made a sincere effort to play with my kids and not freak out about messes. We had an indoor picnic, complete with an indoor duck pond; we read books in the girls bunk bed fort; we played pirates (more on that later this week); we colored pictures of our "dream couches" (Tempe's idea, she has heard me talking about decorating too much lately). It wasn't perfect--Tempe may or may not have been put in time out several times--but I'm getting there. I hope that every day I can remind myself to relax and enjoy motherhood.

How do you do it? How do you enjoy your children?


Nina Tank said...

I am a new follower and just wanted to say I TOTALLY relate to this post! I only have a one year old daughter but I am totally guilty of feeling overwhelmed by her messes and pick up her toys before they even hit the floor (my husband constantly reminds me I am in deep trouble when she gets older and we have more hah!). Also wanted to mention that I started following your blog simply from the cute and clever but now I am addicted! Thanks for the laughs!

andrea said...

since I work all day, I use my drive home to unwind and remind myself that when i get home, i am just going to BE. Be with my daughter and husband and enjoy that time. It's freaking hard some times, but it's worth it!