Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kate's Cooking Class

So if you are friends with me on Facebook, you might remember me talking about starting a kids' cooking class a month or so ago. Well, this is week three and (so far) it's a great success!

I limit my classes to only three kids--I only have three barstools at the counter, plus I can't imagine being able to really give enough attention and hands-on experience to more than three kids at a time. I teach a class on Tuesday afternoon and another class on Thursday afternoon, which is just perfect!

Here's the set up from our first class. I provided each kid with an apron, a recipe book, and a small tupperware container to take their creations home in. I also bought three sets of mixing bowls, measuring cups, measuring spoons, wooden spoons, and whisks so that the students don't have to share. All of this was covered by a registration fee.

I also made up simple cooking checklists and had them laminated. The kids mark off each step with a washable marker as they work, and then we wipe them clean at the end of the lesson. You might notice that I incldue "wipe counterspace", "do dishes", and "sweep floor" on the checklists--cleanup is a part of cooking!!

Each week we make a simple recipe--the kids do all the steps themselves--and then have another activity to do while the recipe is cooking or chilling (after we've cleaned up, of course!), starting with decorating their aprons with permanent markers. So far we've made peanut butter energy balls, pear and cranberry crisp, and mini popovers and easy berry sauce. It's been really fun and I'm happy with how much interest I've had! I will be filling more classes over the summer and then again when school starts, so if any of you Davis County readers have 6-11 year olds that might be interested, shoot me an email!


Jen said...

I would love those recipes! I am trying to plan a cooking workshop for my 4-H kids.

carly said...

What a cute idea!!

Stephens Family said...

My girls love, love, love your class and look forward to it every week! Kasidee is hoping you'll still do it after she turns 6 (in a year and a half!) because she's jealous of the fun her sisters are having! Thanks so much for doing this!

RATCH said...

Ella and Eryn wait all week in anticipation for cooking class, they LOVE it!