Tuesday, September 4, 2012

one last hurrah

We spent Labor Day weekend at the cabin, having one last hurrah before school started.
We haven't spent much time up there this summer, so we enjoyed ourselves--playing Clue and Yahtzee, riding the ATVs all over the place, swinging, eating, watching Mr. Bean, and even roasting marshmallows over charcoal (no outside fires allowed right now due to drought).

 I asked Jason to give the girls a bath on Sunday morning and when I got out of bed, this is where I found them! Look at those bubbles. Now that's what I call a bubble bath!
 This is Juno's grouchy/ "no no no" face that she has been doing a lot lately. I finally got a picture of it, wahoo! She makes this face and shakes her finger when she gets mad or wants something.
 Jason and I left the girls at the cabin with the many adults who were there and went for a mini date on the ATV. Isn't Jason so handsome? I am a lucky girl.
 Tempe and her cousins all wrote their names on the rocks by the firepit with a charcoal stick.
Cousin Maddy gave Helena a makeover. She really, really liked it. Tempe also got a makeover, but she came to us pouting and said "I look ridiculous" and washed it off. Haha!

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