Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas prep

We're getting ready for Christmas here!
Our little town's Youth City Council sponsors the "Letters to Santa" program every December...

Tempe and Helena wrote letters to Santa. Look how HAPPY they are! Wow.

Then we took the letters to the special Santa mailbox at the post office...

And a few days later, Tempe and Helena got Santa's personalized replies in the mail!

I took the girls to City Creek to look at Christmas decorations on Friday afternoon. They loved the giant Christmas tree, watching the fountain dance to "Let It Snow", the Christmas scenes, and the candy displays in Macy's!

And I was excited because we went to the Disney store and discovered that the Disney Animators' dolls were on clearance for $15. They're being discontinued after Christmas so I may or may not have bought five to parcel out for birthdays over the next few years.

Helena takes after me, I guess, because she sat down the other day and made this "Christmas checklist" for herself. She drew little pictures with boxes next to them and has been carrying it around saying things like "Buy Christmas presents, yes, check" or "Write a letter to Santa, check" and checking the boxes. 
As for my Christmas checklist, it's almost all wrapped up! What about yours?

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