Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving from coast to coast!

You know what's great?
Sharing a holiday with those you love, even when you're separated by thousands of miles.
My family is spread all across the country--from Virginia, to Tennessee, to California. But I never have to feel like I'm missing out on spending time with them, thanks in part to the internet. We're able to connect on a daily basis despite living in all corners of the country!
This year for Thanksgiving, my little family stayed in Utah, while my dad spent the holiday with his siblings and father in Virginia, and my mom and brothers and sisters spent it in California with more extended family. We all had a great time at our respective gatherings and it's been a blast seeing the pictures everyone took!
I compiled pictures from all the separate gatherings and made a little video using Animoto to celebrate family togetherness during the holidays, even when we're far apart. Check it out!

Make your own slideshow at Animoto.
Have you ever used Animoto to make a slideshow video? You haven't?? Well, you should--it's so easy! Not only do they have this great holiday Busy Parent's Guide video to help you, but you can even use their iPhone and Android app to create videos on the go using pictures from your phone. How much easier could it get? No more excuses--capture those family memories this year!
Like my video? Make your own and enter to win a prize!
Animoto has graciously offered the code busyparents to my readers, which is good for a free video download. And that’s not all! When you use that code to download a video between now and December 15, you’ll automatically be entered to win a copy of "Capturing Life Through Better Photography" (MSRP $70) by Tamara Lackey, the woman featured in this episode of "Busy Parent's Guide: Photo & Video Tips for Parents for the Holidays." Additionally, you can use the code clever until December 15 to receive 20% off a year of Animoto service. All rules and requirements regarding this sweepstakes can be found here.
I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective.

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