Sunday, January 6, 2013

Herbivores vs Omnivores

It's finally happened.
Jason and I have seen it coming for several years.
I'm actually a bit surprised it took this long.
Tempe has made the connection that "chicken" on her plate at dinner is the same as "chicken" in our neighbor's backyard chicken coop, or at the farm up the street, or wandering around the zoo.
Tonight at dinner she weepingly asked Dad how he would feel if he died and someone peeled off his skin and ate him.
Then she took a bite of chicken and liked it so much that she ate her whole plate.
That's a moral dilemma right there.
So any tips on a omnivore raising a herbivore?


Sierra said...

Hello, I had the same connection when I was about 8 or nine when there was still a little feather on our chicken. That night I became a vegetarian and at age 29 I haven't looked back since! My mom just left the meat out of all my dishes and night where she couldn't she heated a veggie burger up or something similar. Since moving out I have become even more educated and cook for myself and my young children as vegetarians, my husband chooses not to be vegetarian and his job in the military really doesn't allow it. There are a lot of great books on being vegetarian for kids and adults at most libraries that I would encourage you to read and show your daughter. It is both a safe and healthy life style for any age :) If you have any questions fell free to ask!

Kate said...

Thanks, Sierra! I am totally supportive of her choosing to stop eating meat (although like I said, she really liked the chicken I made!) but since I'm not vegetarian, I don't know much about it and I want to make sure she's still getting everything she needs. She would love reading a book about it, I will look for one!

Stephens Family said...

Love it! Kids eventually make the connection at some point and who knows how it will affect them. I became vegetarian at age 10 and have loved the benefits and lifestyle. But whether or not Tempe becomes veggie, I think it's important that kids (and adults) make the connection and are grateful for the life that was given so they can have dinner. (BUT if that convinces them to choose a meat-free life, then all the better!)