Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sister Missionary fashion + ideas for care packages

So, let's face it, sister missionaries used to be thought of as sort of frumpy. 
Well, my friends, that has changed!
My sister in law Morgan recently left on a mission and we were surprised by the kinds of LDS Sister Missionary Clothing she was encouraged to bring: colorful, fashionable, with fun accessories that she can mix and match. This was great for Morgan, because she really likes to look nice :) She had a blast picking out clothes that were both stylish, modest, and adhered to the instructions she received with her mission call. Sister missionaries really have a lot more options than elders do--they pick a few suits, a couple ties, and that's it. Morgan packed basic pieces like pencil skirts, dresses, and cardigans that she can mix and match, but also lots of fun accessories: scarves, jewelry, tights, shoes. The best part is, she'll still be able to (and want to) wear most of her mission clothes when she comes home!
Doesn't she look cute in her official mission picture?

Morgan has been called to serve in the Chile Vina Del Mar Mission. Right now she's in the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah, learning to speak Spanish and teach the gospel. She'll be there until the end of February (just five weeks total!) and then they'll ship her down to Chile, where she will work seven days a week, teaching and serving the people. She is allowed limited time to email family once a week and will be allowed to call home on Mother's Day and Christmas Day. Besides that, it's just snail mail for the next eighteen months.
And because I am bound and determined to be better about writing and sending packages to Morgan than I have to Tyler, Josh, Sean, and Austin (brothers and brothers in law), here is a short list of sister missionary care package ideas:
Nail polish (nothing too bright, though!)
Mini sewing kit
Sidewalk chalk
Cute LDS quotes in refrigerator magnet frames
Accessories like lightweight scarves or a subdued necklace (nothing too expensive!)
Midol (sad, but necessary)
And of course, CANDY!!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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Candace Martineau said...

Oh, you should check out - that is the webstore I set up for sister missionary clothing about 3 years ago, lots of options!