Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Get architectural interest with BRICK!

Even as a child, I loved looking at "different" houses. I didn't know the term "cookie cutter" until I was much older, but I always knew that I wanted to live in a neighborhood that was filled with houses that were all different and interesting. One way you can get that wonderful architectural interest in your own home is through using brick, stucco, or hardcoat like the kind Garden State Brick specializes in.
Now, my house is admittedly not the most interesting on the outside—some of my most common fantasizes involve new vinyl siding in slate gray with a cherry red front door—but we’ve got some great architectural interest on the INSIDE, particularly in the family room. People always comment on this room, mostly because of the distressed hardwood floor, but the exposed brick wall on one end of the room also gets plenty of attention!

I’ll be honest, this wall probably sold us the house. I love the whole house, but this exposed brick wall and lovely gas fireplace are my absolute favorite aspect of the house. I think it takes our otherwise pretty builder grade house to a new level!
Our house was built in the mid-80s, and while it has some upgrades (like two fireplaces) because it was the model home, it’s still mostly builder grade. The previous owner bought the house to flip, did all the floors, and then ran out of money and sold it. I always assumed that he also put in the exposed brick because it doesn’t seem at all like something from a house built in the 80s. My next door neighbor has lived in her house since it was built (just after mine) and she told me the brick is original. Who knew!
Wherever it came from, I really love it. I’m a big fan of lots of different textures in the same space, so exposed brick is right up my alley.
Other things I love about our house are the window seats in the master bedroom, living room, and family room (although that one is blocked by our couch); the inlaid tiles in the dining area floor; and our giant bookshelves over the mirror wall (although that was our addition to the house).
What features give your own house architectural interest?

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.


Claire said...

I do, LOVE that about your house. I am right there with you about wanting to be in a neighborhood with all different kinds of houses.

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