Saturday, March 9, 2013

my kind of RS activity

Back in October or so, I got called to be... um... I don't even know what my calling is called now. It used to be the Enrichment leader. So I'm whatever that is.
Anyway, I love it. It's my favorite calling of all time. It's basically planning parties, which I love. I've been having fun coming up with new and different activities to do in our ward.
And there's an idea floating around in my head that I am just dying to do... but there is no way I can do it in my current ward. It just wouldn't work with the dynamics we have. So I'm sharing it with you, in case someone thinks it would work better for them.
The activity? Zombie Preparedness Fair.

Yeah, that sounds kind of morbid and weird for a church activity. I know. Really, it's just a preparedness fair, where we would have rotating classes about food storage and 72 hour kits, making your own emergency supplies (like these or these), or a dutch oven cooking class. Stuff like that that we have all heard a million times before. 
Just calling it a Zombie Preparedness Fair makes it a little bit more interesting, don't you think?

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