Saturday, March 16, 2013

Through the Magic Door

Last night our local library system had a big children's event called "Through the Magic Door".
It was a fun fantasy-themed party after the library closed for the night. They do a big event like this every six months or so. The last one we went to was a Space activity.
The library was divided up into different sections: The Shire, Fairyland, Down the Rabbit Hole, and a princesses and knights section (I didn't see the official name for that one).

Here's Helena kicking over the dwarves in Dwarf Bowling in the Shire (she isn't a good bowler)

Tempe and Helena playing "minute to win it" games in the Shire (cup stacking, cereal box puzzles, and bean sorting)

"Crazy Croquet" in the Alice in Wonderland section. They also had some really good storytellers!

 The croquet balls were really hedgehogs!!

Tempe and Helena both made shields and crowns. We made one for Juno, too!

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