Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It Takes a Village to Toilet Train a Child

Early childhood is filled with many milestones. The first step. The first word. The first birthday. But, many parents of young children look forward to one day in particular – the day their child has mastered the toilet and no longer requires diapers. Teaching a child how to use the potty is a complex endeavor, and every child will learn that skill differently. But, no matter how the child is learning, you can rest assured that the pre-school or Montessori school in which your child is enrolled will help reinforce the skills required for toilet training in Irvine.

Where to Begin
By the time you are an adult, using the toilet has become such an ingrained habit that it’s almost second nature. Combine that with the fact that many people don’t remember their own toilet training and the idea of teaching a little one how to go potty can become overwhelming. After all, how do you teach something that seems so basic? You have to remember that children at that age are still learning about their bodies and how they function. When you remember that toddlers aren’t always familiar with the pressure sensations on their bowels and bladder, nor what those sensations signify, you might realize that toilet training is a lot more complex than you think. Once the child has learned to associate those pressure sensations with the need to use the toilet, the rest of the training is actually quite rudimentary – removing clothes, lifting the toilet lid, climbing aboard, flushing, and cleaning up afterwards can each be broken down into separate steps so that the child does not feel bombarded with information.
A Helping Hand
If you’re training your child how to go potty like a big boy or girl, don’t think that you’re all alone in this endeavor. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. This means that good toileting habits need to be encouraged by all of the adults that are regularly involved in your child’s life, from grandparents to teachers to even the child’s older siblings. If your child is enrolled in a Montessori school, chances are their teacher will be able to help reinforce what the child has learned from you about toilet training in Irvine. All you have to do is make the teacher aware of what methods you’re using, what methods work, and where the child is at in his or her progress. Toilet training doesn’t have to be an overwhelming nightmare if you have help.

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