Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last minute Father's Day gifts!!

Jason! If you are reading this before June 16, I order you to turn back now!

Do you have a hard time thinking of what to get your husband/father/father-in-law for Father's Day?
I struggle with it every. single. year. Men are so hard to buy for!!
This year, I think I really found something great for Jason--something he will actually use and enjoy
I made him a personalized bookmark! This is perfect for Jason because he loves to read (he usually has about four books he's reading all at once) and he also doesn't believe in dog-earring books.
(We have differing opinions on this--I like my books to look well-loved, he likes to keep his in mint condition)

I used the collage feature on Picmonkey to make this--the grid was originally 8x2, but I stretched the bottom two squares into a rectangle instead. I added the pictures I liked and then added blocks of color and text. 

On the back are verbatim quotes from our kids about what they like about Daddy. I printed it out on cardstock and had it laminated together. Then I carefully trimmed all the way around, punched a hole in the top, and added some green ribbon. Total cost? $2.75. It was so easy and so fun to make and I think it turned out cute!!!

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Michelle said...

Love it! Good job Kate!