Thursday, July 4, 2013

Beat the heat

So, I've got air conditioning on my mind.
Our ac/furnace were original to our house (about 25 years old) so we knew we would have to replace them eventually. We did our furnace two summers ago, but our air conditioner made it another year. Woohoo!!
But this year did it in, so we have been living without a/c ever since the weather warmed up.
It's been over 100 every day for over a week now.
It's been between 82 and 94 degrees in our house all that time :/
It's super fun to grill chicken over a 400 degree grill, fold hot laundry, and vacuum when your house is 90+ degrees!! 
We've been doing things like: taking cold (and I mean icy) showers and baths, draping wet sheets over box fans, and sleeping cuddled up with frozen water bottles over the last few weeks. 
It hasn't been so bad, mostly because I keep reminding everyone (and myself) that the majority of the world does not have air conditioning and they are all ok, but we are very, very excited to get our air conditioner replaced on July 15th!! Just 11 more days!!
What are you doing to beat the heat this summer?

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