Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to school night!

School starts tomorrow!!
I can't believe how fast the summer has zoomed by. I was wary of having my kids home full time after being used to the routine of school, but it went so smoothly and was such a lovely summer together. We are definitely ready to go back to school, though. Tempe and Helena both thrive on routine (what kid doesn't, really?) and they miss learning, playing, and making new friends.
We went to back to school night last week to "meet" their teachers. Well, we actually know both their teachers quite well (Helena's is the Primary chorister at church and Tempe's was her kindergarten teacher from last year) but it was fun to see their new classrooms.

Helena sitting on the H on the reading rug in her kindergarten classroom.

Helena and her teacher!

Tempe sitting at her big first grade desk! I can't believe she will be at school all day this year! 

 First grade smile with two missing teeth!

I can't wait to see these two come round the corner on their scooters every afternoon!

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