Thursday, August 29, 2013

Creating the Perfect, Organized Closet

Storage is essential for a well-ordered life. If the things you possess do not have a dedicated place within your home, they become so much clutter. As clutter mounts, so does the general disorganization of your home, which can lead to negative effects on your thinking and well-being. Taken to an extreme, the need to keep stuff without occasionally purging can lead to hoarding, which has a psychological basis and is not simply due to your lack of time. When it comes to a well-organized closet in Salt Lake, you need to assess your needs and identify the right storage systems to adequately and safely store your possessions. This will help you retrieve items quickly and easily as well as keeping stuff out of the way of the rest of your life.

Purging the Unnecessary

Over time, stuff comes into your life. Papers, documents, books, souvenirs, wardrobe additions, sporting equipment, tools, kitchen equipment, and more gently sneak in after store sales or shopping sprees or are given to you by friends or relatives. Regularly purging your possessions allows you to eliminate the things you no longer need or want, which allows you to more easily store the things you keep. Set a date for such purging and make it a party, rewarding yourself with something enjoyable when the deed is done. On the day, do the following:
  • Designate three spots, bags, boxes, or laundry baskets labeled “keep,” “throw away,” and “donate.”
  • Working in a methodical manner (e.g clockwise around the room, one drawer at a time, or on one type of item), put each item into one of the three baskets. Consider whether you have used the item within the last year or if you even like it anymore. If you don’t use it or no longer like it, either throw it away or donate it if it is in good condition.

A Place for Everything

Once you have purged your possessions, decide if the possessions you have decided to keep have a home. They should either fit into hidden or open storage with no crowding or cluttering. If you don’t have adequate storage, it’s time to design a system that will provide the best usage of space. Professional closet organizers are excellent at taking on these challenges and delivering good-looking, efficient systems on whatever budget you have. Your new closet in Salt Lake could be in your bedroom, the hallway, the kitchen, or your garage. By organizing your home, you will probably end up feeling lighter and less encumbered. Getting rid of things you don’t need and finding good homes for things you do will also help you be far more productive as you accomplish tasks throughout your home, which will help you be more productive in just about every other area of your life.

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