Friday, September 13, 2013

Seven years old!!

I've got a seven year old now!!
Tempe is so darling and sweet. She is loving first grade and can't get enough of reading. She got a new A to Z Mysteries book for her birthday and can't put it down because she just has to know what happens in the mystery! Her favorite parts of school are lunch and recess (three times a day!) She walks/rides her scooter to school with our cute little next door neighbor and then very sweetly watches over Helena on the way home in the afternoons. She's very independent at school and often prefers playing by herself on the playground, which makes this mommy worry sometimes--I just have to remind myself that if she is happy playing alone, I shouldn't worry. She does have several good friends and kids are always saying "Hi, Tempe!!!" as we walk to/from school, so I know she has people to play with if she wants to.
As you might be able to see from that picture, she is missing her top two teeth. They are growing in so fast that she won't have that sweet little girl smile for long! She is also soooooo tall. I know I'm super short, but she is nearly up to my shoulder and she's only seven!
She is such a dear and we sure love having her!

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