Friday, January 10, 2014

how much longer!

Hey guys
I am so excited to have my baby.
I've got three months and 2+ weeks until she (*squeal!* I love saying she!) gets here so it'll still be a while.
But man, I am so excited.
I'm in that golden stage of pregnancy where I am big enough that people can tell I'm pregnant but not big enough to be super uncomfortable; I can feel baby moving all the time but she's not in my ribs yet. I love it. I love being pregnant and I'm so happy I get to experience it again!
My nesting is starting to set in, but it's manifesting itself in deep cleaning so far. I think I've got all the "gear" covered but I still have to inventory clothes. Of course I will make her a special blanket and I promised the older girls they could each pick out fabric for a burp cloth.
You can never have too many of those!
We try really hard not to name our babies before birth, but I can't help but think of her by a specific name. I want to hold her in my arms just to make sure it's right for her, though. Can't wait to see if it fits!

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