Friday, February 14, 2014

My three valentines + yummy Vday dinner

Jason's aunt Margaret did a mini Valentine's Day photo shoot a few weeks ago and I'm just now posting these pictures. I love my three little valentines!

Juno had a really hard time keeping her mouth closed and her eyes open. Either they were both open or both closed. So we're going with both wide open!

When you have three girls, Valentine's Day is less of a romantic couple's holiday and more of a romantic family holiday (at least at our house!) We had a candlelit dinner with table linens, sparkling cider, etc, and then watched the Olympics in a food coma. 

Dinner: Steak with blue cheese crust, salt baked potatoes with roasted garlic butter, fresh green beans with balsamic butter, and raspberry pretzel jello. For dessert, I made a chocolate velvet torte thing that was too rich and not that great--I shouldn't have wasted my time and instead just served the cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, bags of candy from in-laws and school parties, or gourmet cupcakes and cake bites from Jason. Yeah, we overdid it on the treats this year.


Claire said...

That steak sounds amaaaazing! I'm excited to have older kids who I can celebrate holidays with :)

Joel said...

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