Friday, April 25, 2014

One week of Pearl

Our first week with little Pearl is already over and I can't believe it!
I will admit, some tears were shed today when I thought about how quickly she is growing. I wish Pearl could stay my tiny little milk monster forever! I am doing my best to enjoy every single moment with her and not feel sad as she grows. Any advice on that? I think I could have a dozen children and still mourn as my last baby starts to get older.
Speaking of enjoying every moment, that's no problem with the easiest baby in the world. Seriously. I don't know if Pearl will "wake up" more once we pass my actual due date (which is Monday the 28th), but so far she sleeps great (even at night) and almost never cries. She is so easy going and pleasant. I have really bounced back quickly which is such a blessing. Physically, I feel 100% and have basically since the day after she was born, and since she sleeps pretty well at night, I'm not exhausted the way I was with other newborns and I've been able to jump right back into our normal routine.

Pearl and her cousin Cutler met for the first time on Thursday and had a cuddlefest playdate! Cutler was born 9 hours after Pearl on the 19th--yes, just 9 hours later!! We always joked we would have them the same day and we were sooooooooo close. I think 9 hours apart should count even though it was officially different days. Also, Pearl is the 9th granddaughter on the Anderson side and Cutler is the 1st grandson! Finally, a boy in the family!!!

I had to get a picture of this before she outgrows it. Pearl always has her ankles crossed with her knees pulled up to her chest. I just know that's how she was in the womb. It's crazy to think she could still be in there!

Proud big sisters can't keep their hands off Pearl!

I love sleepy newborn smiles :) She makes the cutest faces in her sleep.
All day today, I was thinking "This time last Friday I was walking home from school... I was folding laundry between contractions... I was gathering up my hospital stuff... I was getting out of the bath to go to the hospital..." I had such a wonderful labor experience (perfect one to end on, right??) and I really love thinking about it!

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