Friday, January 2, 2015

New year, new crazies

Quick recap from Christmas--I'm not going to bother posting 50 pictures, because no one wants to look at all those! Just follow me on Instagram @younghipstercoolgirl.
Anyway, Christmas. It was a crazy whirlwind month of December, full of fun great activities and lots of family time. My sweet sister Kelsey got married on the 22nd, so my parents were here with us for Christmas. We have not spent Christmas together for I think 7 years! It was so fun to have them spend the night with us on Christmas Eve. We also went to the zoo on Christmas Eve with my brother and his wife and my parents and that might be a new tradition! Then for our dinner that night we had a special candlelit Bethlehem dinner, eating foods that Jesus might have eaten (probably not)--fish, flatbread, cashews, dried figs and dates, rice and couscous. After dinner and reading the Christmas story from the scriptures, the girls opened their new Christmas Eve pajamas and went to bed!

If you're wondering, Helena did love her pajamas but was not happy about taking the picture.

Our kids were up at 4:45 on Christmas morning. Yep. They were all in the same bedroom because my parents were sleeping in Tempe and Helena's, so it was a three ring circus all night trying to get people to go to sleep and stay asleep. Everyone drifted back off around 6:30, so we stayed in bed until almost 8. Christmas morning was a big success--Santa brought Tempe a bike, Helena a super cute fairy doll treehouse and fairy dolls, Juno a basketball hoop, and Pearl some plastic dishes and spoons (we really needed some more, thanks Santa). The rest of us were pretty spoiled too, that morning!
Moving on to New Year's Eve...
We started off with a fondue dinner (cheese and mustard fondue), then had different activities every half hour.

Each activity was in a balloon marked with the time we should open it. We painted nails, read Harry Potter, watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid, ate Butterfinger fondue, played video games, and watched the ball drop at midnight. Here's to 2015!

And just when I got everything finally put away from Christmas and my house back in order... I decided to do this. Cabinets are getting painted!

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