Monday, October 12, 2009

counting down the days...

I made this really fun Halloween advent calendar a few months ago (I think I posted a picture in August) and now we are really enjoying using it every day to count down the days to Halloween!
It's made out of a non-aluminum cookie sheet and odds and ends from my craft stash. My personal favorite? The black cat Halloween marker. It was a puzzle piece from one of Tempe's puzzles that I painted black!
The girls love helping me find the right marker for the day after breakfast. The little boxes have surprises inside--a treat or little toy and a slip of paper with a fall activity we can do as a family (go to a pumpkin patch, rake the leaves and jump in the pile, etc)
If you like this advent calendar, you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for my Blogoversary Giveaway coming up in a few weeks!

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Elisse Carma said...

why does everything you make have to be so stinkin cute? i love this one.