Sunday, October 4, 2009


Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. When I was a kid, I usually started planning my Halloween costume in June (even though I was a witch like, 3 years in a row).
And now that I am a mom, I'm no different. I love planning Halloween costumes for my kids. In fact, that's why I got into sewing (no matter that I haven't actually sewn a Halloween costume yet...)

Tempe was only about 6 weeks old on her first Halloween. She was a "pile of fallen autumn leaves". Pretty simple costume--I just got some orange pajamas and fake autumn leaves and safety-pinned them all over, layering them so the pins wouldn't show. This is a great, simple, quick costume for babies that are too young to dress up in bulky or complicated costumes.

For her second Halloween, Tempe was a green fairy. It all started with the shoes--you can't really see them, but they are little pink beaded ballet slippers. I don't know why she was a green fairy instead of a pink one--maybe I meant for her to be Tinkerbell? In addition to the shoes, she wore a long-sleeved green onesie with flowers embroidered along the side, green fairy wings safety-pinned to her back, and a simple elastic skirt with a jagged hem that my mom made for her.

Tempe's special friend is a well-worn giraffe, and so when her grandma saw this fat giraffe costume last year, she couldn't resist buying it for Tempe's 2nd birthday! Tempe was thrilled. I wanted the girls to match, so I tried to make Helena an animal as well--but her "tiger" costume is really a "tigger" costume and it looks it. Oh well, it was warm and she didn't care. And look, she has a tigger doll in her lap.

They have the cutest Halloween costumes for this year. I'm not going to give anything away yet, though!

Maybe I go overboard, but my girls get a Halloween outfit as well as a Halloween costume. You can't really see Lena's from last year because she is sitting in a pumpkin! Ack! How cute is that??
(It's not a real pumpkin.)

And here is Tempe's black cat shirt.
This year they have really cute shirts that grandma just bought for them at Old Navy and I am planning on making skirts to go with them--maybe something like this tulle one, in bright green or purple.
What are your plans for Halloween costumes? Are you making anything cute?


Candi said...

Well, after two years of skipping out on Halloween costumes, I decided to put a little effort into it this year. Sophie wants to be Alice (in wonderland). We found her a costume, but Chloe wants to be Alice's (no name) sister. A little harder to find a costume for that, so I'm going to try MAKING one. Wanna come help?

Anonymous said...

My favorite costume is Tempe as a pile of leaves...that is so creative!

DasMaedchen said...

Courtney is being Michael Jackson from the Thriller video (per her request LOL). I still have to find some black loafers because the ones I got don't fit her right after all, and the only other black shoes she has are mary-janes. bah.
I am making her some Halloween shirts by dying some plain white t-shirts black and using these cute Halloween iron-on letters. I'm probably doing that just says Happy Halloween, and the other "Courtney is SPOOKTACULAR" or "Mommy's little goblin" or something like that. I havent quite decided.

I think she may have enough Halloween stuff to wear a different Halloween outfit every day the last week of October, I'm not sure yet because the sizes may be wrong and I can't find the Halloween pants she had last year that were too big. Target had some really cute stuff today but I didn't buy anything :( trying to be frugal! They had an adorable Hello Kitty Halloween shirt that I almost got.


Margaret said...

You are so creative, Kate! I can't wait to see what your girls are this year!