Sunday, November 1, 2009

boo to you

Halloween this year was absolutely beautiful! After a week of cold, snowy weather, Saturday was bright and sunny and around 50 degrees. Perfect weather for trick-or-treating! The girls were so excited to go, especially Helena. She is our little miss independent, and she insisted on walking by herself, carrying her basket by herself, going up the stairs by herself... she was dragging her basket along behind her with candy spilling out, but she still screamed "NO! NO! NOOO!" every time we tried to help her carry it. As for Tempe, she got tuckered out after about 10 houses and said "Mom, I have enough candy. We can go home."
These pictures are actually from trick-or-treating at a rest home the day before Halloween, and they are so interested in eating their cookies that they wouldn't give me a smile. But you can see their costumes!
Tempe loved her ballerina costume so much! When I first put it on her, she ran to look in our full-length mirror and kept saying "Oh, I am so pretty!"

Helena loved her cowgirl costume just as much. Especially the poncho. It is very, very grubby after being worn several days in a row. And don't you just love her cow trick-or-treat basket? Thanks, D.I.!

She really is a cowgirl! Look at her go!


Jen said...

I sure love those girls of yours and they were oh so darling in their Halloween attire.

Caroline said...

The outfits are darling!