Tuesday, December 15, 2009

spraypaint + DI = love

Today I took up my spraypaint cans and finished two projects I have been putting off for months. (ETA: the second project originally featured in this post now has it's very own post here)

First up, a birdcage bow holder. I had a frame and ribbon bow holder hanging on the wall in the bathroom, but I decided to spraypaint this gaudy gold birdcage (from DI, of course) and make it the bow holder instead.
I LOVE IT! The bows clip to the sides and headbands, loose ribbons, and elastics are inside the cage. It doesn't exactly "fit" in our electric blue and green bathroom, but when the girls share Helena's country-chic bedroom, I think it will fit in just right!


Candi said...

I saw the picture before I read what you wrote about it, and I thought "What a neat idea!" So clever. I definitely think it's a keeper.

Mrs. Davis @ The Carolina Housewife said...

The birdcage idea is absolutely brilliant.

I also think the frames idea is very cute too! Would those mirrors not come down afterall? I guess I never found out exactly why you couldn't get them down, but this is a great idea to use on the mirror or when you take it down.

You are SO lucky to find such cool stuff at your local thrift store. I never find anything like that at Goodwill!

Dani Stolworthy said...

LOVE the birdcage! So so smart!
And I don't think the frames are weird at all! I think they're darling.
You're one creative cookie.

Amanda said...

I really like how the picture frames look.

robinly said...

I would like to echo the above comments, and say that I love everything about the frames on the mirror and if I ever move into a place with a wall mirror you can bet I will shamelessly steal this very idea from you!

Michelle said...

Love this idea! So cute! I featured it at