Tuesday, January 26, 2010

everything is hipster

all the baby names i like are hipster.
like: august, elvis, georgia, harper, hazel, hugo, iris, leo, magnus, milo, olive, oscar, pearl, piper, poppy, roman, ruby, scarlett, sebastian, silas, stella, sullivan, teddy, theo, violet.
At least my all time #1 baby name isn't on the hipster list.
(and no, I'm still not pregnant, hoping that will change soon...)


Choosy mom said...

What’s your number 1 name?

Mrs. Davis @ The Carolina Housewife said...

I totally feel your pain. The DH and I fight about "hipster" names for our kids at least once a week, haha. But it's like he says, "We are prodigies of our generation" which is why we liked those names.

It's hard to be original!

Anonymous said...

It's ok, Kate, because those are AWESOME names even if they're hipster :) We have a lot of the same tastes when it comes to names, apparently. August, Iris, Georgia, and Harper are some of my favorite names!

Elisse Carma said...

dang. a couple of my names are on that list, and i totally thought i was being original.

Kate said...

Hey, the thing is, if you don't use a name just because it is hipster, that's hipster too (like I say in Everything is hipster part two). So just choose a name you like and don't worry about whether or not it is hipster.

Elisse Carma said...

good point. but my issue isn't with being hipster, it's with being unoriginal. i want to use names that are really unique (but not weird, of course), and i KNOW you do too, because you named your daughter Tempe. i'm sure you understand. laura says i obsess over being different too much.