Friday, January 8, 2010

tempe's FHE

{Our computer has been out of comission all week and for some reason I couldn't get Blogger to work on Jason's phone. I have several posts that I have been meaning to write, but now I can't get pictures to upload from my camera to the computer! And what is a blog post without pictures?}
Last week was Tempe's turn to teach Family Home Evening. We don't normally have her teach a lesson all by herself, but we have a huge collection of feltboard scripture stories (courtesy Sister Weaver, their nursery leader) that the girls love to play with, so I told Tempe to pick one and tell us the story for her lesson.
She chose the Nativity story.
And she told it.
"This is baby Jesus and this is the angel, and the angel had some money, and baby Jesus stole the money and flew away, and the angel said 'Come back! Come back with me money!' and the angel flew, and baby Jesus gave the money back."
Turns out, part of our Good Samaratin feltboard set had gotten mixed into the Nativity set, and she mixed the stories accordingly.
She's also been saying very interesting prayers lately. One of the most common phrases she uses is
"And I know that we live on the earth, and we love everyone on the earth,*kiss, kiss*!"
Well, at least she loves everyone on the earth...

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Caroline said...

This cracked me up!! Adorable!