Wednesday, February 3, 2010

fade to white

I started planning my LOST season six premiere party in November.
Excited? Yeah.

For the invitations, I bought extremely realistic (Helena took a bite of one and said "Ew, yuck!")fake mangos at Robert's. I printed off the party info on a piece of orangish-red cardstock, and wound twine around the mango to hold the cardstock in place. I liked to imagine the Losties writing messages on paper, tying them to mangos, and then throwing them to each other in place of cell phones.

Old suitcases piled in the corner. Doh, I just realized that I forgot to have raggedy clothing hanging out of them!!
Jason and I have quite a few of the books on the LOST book club list and I checked out about 12 more from the library--here they are stacked on our mantel. I don't think anyone realized what they were, but I kind of like how they look stacked there...

I stacked the paper goods for the food in another empty suitcase.
The "treat" table display.
I got this great backgammon set at DI--it only took me three different visits to find it!! And this is a good view of Jack's pills under the glass cake cover. I bought empty prescription bottles from Wal-Mart and filled them with jelly beans for party favors.

I printed off the Dharma water and soda labels from this website and wrapped them around bottled water and Jones' sodas.
I even had a spot for Charlie's imaginary peanut butter.
It looks like I neglected to take pictures of everything else or any of the party attendees. I asked everyone to come dressed as their favorite character: we had a smoke monster, a breakdown Jack, a Claire-and-Aaron, and six Charlies. I guess the other people who came were all red-shirts because they didn't dress up :P
Our menu was John Locke's BBQ pulled boar sandwiches, Island sweet onion potato chips, Roger Workman potato skins, Sun's fresh garden vegetables with Hurley's favorite ranch dressing, Kate's fruit, Dharma water and sodas, Charlie's imaginary peanut butter, Claire's peanut butter cookies, Sawyer's fish biscuits, and Jack's (jelly bean) pills.
I followed the instructions on this blog and made lottery tickets. Of course, the winning number was 4 8 15 16 23 42 and the winner got a stuffed polar bear (from DI) with a Dharma Hydra station collar. For our game, I printed off famous quotes from LOST characters, rolled them up, and stuck them in an empty glass bottle. Then we took turns reading quotes aloud and everyone else had to guess who said it and in what context.
I had a blast planning the party. Can you tell?
And the show... wow. It blew my mind. The genius of it is that it's something everyone has wondered at one time or another: What would it have been like if things had happened differently?


toby and amy said...

sounds like a great time!! I love the lotto prize, that is hilarious! And the soda and water labels...GENIUS!!!

Mrs. Davis @ The Carolina Housewife said...

First of all....


Kate, seriously, you're a true fan and I'm so proud of your party planning skills, I am almost speechless.

My husband sat beside me while reading your post and his mouth was open.


PS- I am featuring you and this post on my blog!!!! Hope that's okay :-)

Delaune Family said...

So clever and so cute!

Stephens Family said...

I'm not a LOST fan, but I am constantly amazed at your creativity! You're amazing!

J'Nette said...

the party WAS amazing!!!! you are so clever, you have fabulous party planning skills, fabulous friends, fabulous everything. Thank you so much. Brett and I had a great time!

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Rachel said...

that is amazing!

Jamie said...

cute;) so cute:)